Too Good To Go

Raising awareness with melons and roosters

Too Good To Go, the app that fights against food waste, asked us to develop a special action to attract the attention of both journalists and potential partners of the brand. To do so, we took advantage of Earth Day and came up with an idea that would work in both countries, but with messages adapted to each language and culture.

In Spain, we sent a box with the enigmatic message “Let’s open a melon” (which in Spanish means to open a debate), inside which there was indeed a melon and information on what would be the environmental impact of throwing that piece of fruit away. And in Portugal, we used the saying “Grão a grão enche a galinha o papo” (“Little by little the rooster fills the henhouse”) to achieve the same purpose, but this time with an ear of corn (the rooster’s favorite food).

In total, 60 people, including journalists and business representatives from Spain and Portugal, received the package and we are sure that now, every time they see a melon or an ear of corn, they will remember that every second 79 tons of food are wasted in the world and that the change depends on all of us.

Too Good To Go, la app que lucha contra el desperdicio alimentario, nos pidió desarrollar una acción especial para llamar la atención tanto de periodistas como de potenciales partners de la marca. Para ello, y aprovechando el Día de la Tierra, pensamos en una idea conjunta para ambos países, pero con mensajes adaptados a cada idioma y cultura.
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