We know we made an impact, a good impact!

30 May 2023, By Deborah Gray, Founder and Managing Director

At Canela, we are conscious that every decision we take has an impact on our people, the communities we are a part of, and the planet. So we want that impact to be positive. Since we became a B Corp nearly a year ago we have been measuring our actions and you can find them here in our Impact Report.

We achieved B Corp certification in 2022 because of our people-first, values-led approach to doing business. Our values and practices include financial transparency, collaboration with NGOs, evaluation of team and client satisfaction and only selecting projects which are aligned with our culture. Our ambition is to keep evolving, measuring and reporting on our impact on our people, our communities and our planet.


Amongst our team of 40 people there are 6 different nationalities, 20% of us are under 24 years old and 5% of us are over 50. 75% of the Executive Team are women, and 55% of the current employees joined Canela as graduate trainees.

We have a hybrid working model and give our team members the freedom to work from wherever they want.



We don’t want to (just) offset our carbon footprint, we also want to create new habits and contribute positively to the planet. In our offices, we are very careful about the materials we choose and how we use our (and the planet’s) resources:

  • Our team members come to the office 3 days a week in order to reduce electricity usage and we make sure everything is switched off and unplugged on the remaining days.
  • Thanks to our digitisation policy, we have been able to reduce by 80% the amount of printed materials we produce.
  • We have a forest with over 360 trees planted for each new employee, client, or work anniversary.


Transparency is one of the fundamental values at Canela which includes regular reporting on our financial performance. Every quarter our team is informed about the company’s financial health.

We are a communication agency with values, and we are not afraid to use them, but equally we are the first to admit that we can do better. That is why we will continue to work to keep improving what we do and reporting on our progress

Here you can find out more about Canela’s impact on our people, our communities and our planet.


Deborah Gray is Fundadora and Managing Director


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