Wallbox‘s growth seems to have no limits and, from Canela, we continue to accompany them in each new milestone they celebrate. We collaborated in the communication management of one of the most important moments in the history of the leading provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles: the announcement of its listing on the New York Stock Exchange through an agreement with the special purpose investment vehicle (SPAC) Kensington Capital. 


In order to communicate this transaction in the most effective way and to respect at all time the legal requirements surrounding such announcements, we developed a slightly different plan of action.

First of all, on the day of the announcement of the future listing, we sent the information in advance to several leading economic and generalist media, who announced the deal live. Later, the rest of the media received all the information on this historic operation. In addition, we organised in record time a virtual press conference with a selection of 5 key national journalists, in order to clarify all their doubts about the operation and to offer a greater depth of information.

More than 25 print clippings, 123 online news, 9 TV appearances and 10 radio appearances in the first three days after the announcement

On the other hand, on 4 October, the day of Wallbox’s debut on the NYSE, we managed a hybrid event held between Barcelona and New York with the main economic and motoring journalists to report live on everything that happened on that key day. All of them were able to learn first-hand the details of the operation from the company’s main spokespersons. 

The results matched the milestone announcement: a total of 186 clippings (36 print, 136 online, 9 TV impacts, 10 radio impacts and 9 managed interviews) in the first days of the announcement. After the release day, we achieved more than 165 clippings, 40 of them print ones.