We coordinated 14 agencies to deliver a global PR campaign aimed at encouraging businesses and individuals to plant trees and reforest the planet. We wanted to raise brand awareness of Tree-Nation globally and position the company’s spokesperson as an opinion leader on the dangers posed by climate change.

We collaborated with PR agencies worldwide to raise awareness of the importance of planting trees for our planet

We created media pitches about the relationship between climate change and pandemics, the environmental cost of cut flowers during Valentine’s Day, the real impact of events such as COP25 and the futility of getting a tree at Christmas.

In just 6 months, we secured over 300 media impacts in top tier media such as Forbes, Daily Mail and The Guardian, as well as 14 interviews with Tree-Nation spokesperson in broadcast and Tier 1 media, such as NTN24 (Colombia), Radio NM Miami (Argentina) or Jornal Económico (Portugal).

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