Sony wanted to raise awareness about its new 1000XM4 noise cancelling headphones, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was impossible to host a face to face event with journalists. We didn’t want to give up on them having a first-hand experience with the product. So we chose to hold an exclusive virtual event with Xuan Lan, the top yoga and meditation influencer in Spain.

Yoga Master Class on how to relax and work from home with Sony’s noise cancelling headphones

We sent a pack consisting of the headphones and various meditation accessories to 20 selected journalists and influencers, inviting them to attend this event. Xuan Lan conducted an exclusive class of meditation and tips to work from home specifically designed for Sony’s guests, at a time when working from home was the norm and noise-cancelling headphones like the 1000XM4 became a great ally. Afterwards, we also sent a press release to the rest of the media that could not attend the event with ideas and tips from Xuan Lan to meditate while working from home.

Thanks to this campaign, Sony achieved an impact of more than 50 posts on SOME, achieving a reach of nearly 1,5 million people and 15,000 interactions. The press release was published in 10 top-tier media while another 13 lifestyle media published about the 1000XM4 and its benefits through bazaars and articles.