Sonrisas de Bombay

How to raise awareness about human trafficking and encourage people to fight against it? We joined Sonrisas de Bombay, the NGO that works to end poverty and to defend Human Rights in Mumbai, to position their struggle in the Spanish news agenda.

Experiences found in the streets of Mumbai

Coinciding with the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (30.07.2019) we developed a PR campaign to bring the human stories of Sonrisas de Bombay closer to the Spanish media, based on real testimonials and relevant data to spark interest.

We pitched an opinion article where the NGO founder, Jaume Sanllorente, explained what he had seen on the streets of Mumbai, a video recorded in Mumbai where a beneficiary of Sonrisas de Bombay explained her heart-breaking testimonial and a press release with key data regarding the human trafficking situation around the world.


Adapting these contents to each type of media, we achieved 11 national media impacts, including 2 broadcast pieces in Informativos Telecinco, an interview in Las Mañanas de Radio Nacional de España, online appearances in La Vanguardia, ABC and Agencia EFE and the opinion article published in El País. All this allowed us to reach an audience of almost 28 million people in only 5 days. This campaign was nominated for a SABRE Award in 2020.