LinkedIn to revolutionise the renewable energy sector

Smartwatt is a company focused on innovation in energy resource management that reached out to us because they wanted to become a leading voice in the renewable energy technology conversation on LinkedIn.

With them, we had three major challenges ahead of us: find a way to present complex issues in a simple way, attract a younger audience to the profile, and communicate in two languages, in order to be able to engage in conversations in both national and international markets.

To achieve this, Canela’s Digital team designed a communication strategy on LinkedIn by increasing the frequency of posts, creating headlines focused on Employer Branding topics, informing about participation in events and presenting case studies and the company’s services.

As a result, the Smartwatt community grew from 2k followers to over 350k, and with the 60 posts we made, its reach increased from 1k to over 93k.

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