Estonian CRM platform Pipedrive arrived in Lisbon in April 2017 with the aim of recruiting 50 people that year and 50 more the following year. We were chosen to help them position the brand as a good employer and a salespeople´s problem solver.

How to sell a sales platform?

Canela plans and manages a PR plan focused on Pipedrive’s reputation as an employer. As a way to introduce the company to the media, we organized a launch event with the presence of the Minister of Industry, João Vasconcelos. The event focused on the HR challenges faced by startups. We have explored local and international content around the business and we also managed Pipedrive’s presence in different local events, as well as opinion articles positioning the local team as experts in the sector.

With this ongoing press office activity we have achieved more than 40 impacts, many of them on target media such as Marketeer, Dinheiro VivoBusiness IT and Público. From the HR perspective, we all celebrated the 100 people in the Lisbon office milestone – with a big party, as is fitting.

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