My Nametags

My Nametags is a British personalised labels brand that expanded to Portugal searching for new customers. The communication challenge was to highlight the product’s quality and develop an educational campaign aimed at parents on the importance of having the family’s objects properly labelled and therefore reduce the risk of losing them.

Helping families to reduce the probability of losing things by encouraging them to label objects correctly

We saw an opportunity to stand out from the competition by conducting regular surveys and digital campaigns to complement ongoing press office activities. We conducted a social experiment where we “abandoned” Teddy bears in 10 Portuguese cities and asked for them to be returned, we held a national inquiry into lost objects and the main characteristics of the most common names. We have an ongoing  influencer program we have engaged the communities of more than 20 mummy bloggers.

We regularly achieve an average of 10 impacts per month and 15 press collaborations especially in Lifestyle and general media such as Sapo and Activa.