On spokespersons and brand awareness

The Finnish company KONE, leader in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and automatic doors, was looking for a way to improve its brand awareness and establish a relationship with the media. From Canela we have helped them to achieve this by developing a comprehensive communication plan in which we focused on the spokespersons training and the organization of corporate interviews.

Moreover, taking advantage of the announcement of the new CEO of KONE Ibérica, Filipe Nóbrega, we conducted an interview with Expansión, the most important business newspaper, to talk about the elevator and escalator industry and present the most relevant messages that KONE includes in its business strategy. Endorsing KONE’s messages about sustainable transformation through solutions and services for smart cities, communities and energy efficient buildings, we have conducted 5 interviews, as well as developed 25 questionnaires and 18 opinion articles, which have allowed us to position the spokespeople and the company in the Spanish territory.


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