Recipe for Brand Awareness: TikTok and IG base with influencer topping

How do you increase brand awareness, inform your target audience, get more subscribers and grow a community? Everything at once. Well, with strategy, creativity and the right influencers. Or that’s what we told Hayu, a streaming service with reality TV on demand, when they presented us with this challenge.

Having identified the most suitable social networks for their target, we chose TikTok and Instagram to develop our campaign. And month by month, we have been analysing the profiles in order to always count on the most suitable influencers.

We have worked with many influencers, but the collaboration that has particularly caught people’s attention on Instagram was the one with @livingpostureo, where we announced the 3 months for 3€ promotion. The campaign reached 453,383 users, received 42,731 likes, 6,478 interactions and had an engagement rate of 24.61%.

Meanwhile on TikTok, our campaign with @alexsinos reached an average audience of 150,000 people, and the two videos of TikToker Judit Jaso announcing Hayu’s new releases, reached an average audience of 83,000 people.

Hayu influencers
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