In 2020 freelancing platform Fiverr launched in several European countries as part of their global expansion. Portugal was a particularly strategic choice as it was the first non-English version of the Fiverr website.

The freelancing sector has yet to reach maturity in Portugal so we focussed our media outreach on how digital transformation can contribute to income diversification and collaborations with highly skilled professionals.

Promoting the freelancer platform to Portuguese professionals

Canela partnered with Fiverr to share with journalists local data about the impact of the pandemic on SMEs, and typical profiles of Portuguese freelancers as well as showcasing the benefits to local professionals of being a part of the Fiverr platform.

In 3 months Fiverr had 43 impacts with a total reach of almost 3 million people in top tier media as Dinheiro Vivo, Notícias ao Minuto and Jornal Económico.

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