Originally from Spain and based in London, chose Canela to help them face the double challenge of increasing their brand recognition while spreading the word about their intelligent navigation and search technology. This technology allows online stores to improve the buyer experience and thereby generating a special relationship with merchants.


Canela plans and manages’s press office in Spain generating press releases and bylined articles signed by its CEO and Founder, Angel Maldonado, based on his broad knowledge of the world of electronic commerce, searches and user’s needs. Thanks to this activity, is now well-known as an expert in the sector among retail, ecommerce and business media.

Canela has placed on the radar of the economic press, with pieces of coverage in the main general media, such as El País, La Razón Innnovadores, and economic media such as EFE Empresa. The newspaper El Economista published an interview with Ángel Maldonado, positioning him as an expert in his area amongst his target audience.