Presentando a un unicornio

When Deel, the payroll and recruitment platform for international teams, arrived in Spain, it was considered one of the leading HR unicorns. Internationally recognised, the platform had to contend with the fact that many companies in Spain were already strongly positioned in the sector.

To tackle this, we developed a simple and direct communication strategy that would not only allow them to gain a foothold in the market, but would also help them to reach both the end consumer and large companies.

To achieve this, we organised two media presentation sessions, attended by a total of 8 journalists (4 per session), which made the meeting more informal and intimate. Some of the media that attended were Cinco Días, Expansión, Business Insider, Capital Humano and Observatorio de RRHH. Subsequently, we launched a press release with which we managed 20 media impacts.

Since then we have continued to position Deel in the area of HR and fintech by means of opinion articles, media alerts and the launch of their Global International Recruitment Reports. As a result, to date, we have collected more than 160 clippings. 

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