A report, an event and a lot of communication

When Adyen came to Canela, it sought to position itself as an expert in the Spanish market. To achieve this, we built a global communication strategy whose strong point was the preparation of a report on retail trends in Spain and the subsequent presentation of the data to the media.


The results of this strategy were such that, in 2022, Adyen asked us to prepare a new edition of this report, the Adyen Retail Report 2022. Once developed, we organized a press conference with Juan José Llorente, Adyen Country Manager of Spain and Portugal, and Dimas Gimeno, CEO of WOW Concept, which was echoed by Forbes, Europa Press, Ecommerce News, IT User, Silicon or JustRetail.


But this time we went a bit further, and created a series of 6 short videos with data from the report that were distributed on social networks. In addition, we created a specific content calendar for publishing before, during and after the event.


With the combined action of the PR, Studio and Digital departments, we managed to generate 106 media impacts and reach an audience of more than 310 million people. Meanwhile, the campaign developed on LinkedIn and Twitter obtained a total of 24,817 impressions and 560 interactions.

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