2020 was a challenging year for enterprises. Throughout the year many retailers had to adapt their business strategies to the new reality, which for many meant accelerating the process of digitalising their business.

We presented the annual Adyen Retail Report 2020 to journalists through a virtual event and to broaden its impact we also invited Tier 1 Media from Portugal as well as Spain, aligning with the company’s business strategy for the Iberian market.

Amplifying the reach of Adyen’s Retail Report 2020

Alberto López, Head of Business Development of Adyen for Spain and Portugal, and Laureano Turienzo, President of the Spanish Retail Association presented the main findings of the report which included an analysis of the situation for the retail sector at an Iberian and international level.

10 journalists from vertical and national media in Spain and 6 in Portugal joined the event, including Vanguardia, newswires as EFE, Business Insider, Actualidade Economía Ibérica and Ecommerce News.

After the event we distributed a press release which contained the most relevant findings of the report. In total, we achieved 21 media impacts with reaching an audience of  13 million.

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