7 Seas Summit

After a successful edition of Green Tech Challenge in Lisbon in 2018 where Canela took part as PR agency and Partner, the GREEN INNOVATION Group consolidated our partnership by inviting us to repeat the collaboration for the first Summit of the company. The 2019 edition was dedicated to the so-called Blue Economy  and was called the 7 Seas Summit.


We started the public relations strategy with a press kit and a press release, distributed to 20 key journalists, focused on creating awareness of the problem of ocean pollution. The press kit had a sample of various objects that can be found at sea, such as plastic, aluminum, nappies, cigarettes or oils, these products were in test tubes that were delivered to a rack with a QR Code containing several corporate images and the press release. The idea was that people could see with their own eyes the evolution of the different materials in the sea, since we used sea water in the test tubes to keep it real. 

In the 4 days of the event, we were able to secure 13 interviews, +2,5 hours of broadcast in television & Radio, in important media like Jornal Económico, Sapo Lifestyle or Notícias ao Minuto. This campaign was awarded Bronze in the Events Category by the Lisbon PR Awards 2020 and was nominated for a SABRE Award in 2020.