What’s going on in the Twitch universe?

17 September 2020, By Elena Mañas

Twitch is currently the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers. In 2014, Amazon acquired this platform based on live videos posted by broadcasters. In Spain, Rubius, Ibai Llanos and Auronplay are among the broadcasters with the most subscribers.

According to Ulises Jesús Medina, professor at inesdi Digital Business School, the new generation of influencers are now on Twitch. The target of this platform are millennials and generation Z, 65% of them men between 15 and 35 years old. 90% of the Twitch audience are people who play video games on a regular basis and also those who watch the live streaming  of video games.

Picture: Caspar Camille Rubin

That said, it is now more and more common to find content that goes beyond videogames such as music streaming, talk shows and gastronomy. During the recent lockdown in Spain, we could see how some more lifestyle-oriented influencers began to experiment with Twitch. This was the case of Malbert, a youtuber known for commenting on TV shows such as Operación Triunfo, a Spanish reality talent show.

As for advertising and brand communication, Twitch is not as exploited as other social networks, so many brands have started to collaborate with broadcasters on Twitch in order to promote themselves in this new niche media. So, what makes this social network different from the rest and why should we value it when creating communication and advertising campaigns?

You have 100% of the viewer's attention for you

It is very probable that more than once you have found yourself opening Instagram, almost unconsciously, while waiting for the lift to arrive or in line at the supermarket. You start to scroll, but you hardly realise what you are seeing. This does not happen on Twitch, since the average user spends about 95 minutes a day on the platform. The Twitch user does not seek an instant reward like the ones you get on Instagram or Snapchat, but a more engaging, long-lasting content to which he will pay 100% of his attention. In this way, if we promote a broadcaster’s live, the brand recognition will be much more impactful.

Broadcasters have a loyal community and lots of engagement

The essence of Twitch is that the content is live, and therefore the broadcaster can read the messages that viewers leave in the chat box and communicate with them in real time. All this makes the viewer also an active participant in the videos, making the Twitch community much more loyal than those of other networks. In fact, as stated in the inesdi’s Open Class, 62% of Twitch Esports fans are in contact with gamers on an almost daily basis and 70% of them have donated money to recognised gamers.

Collaborations with broadcasters requires thorough preparation

As it is a live campaign, the campaign requires more preparation and involvement both from the brand and the influencer. Whatever action you do, the broadcaster will be the one reporting live on your product, so they need to be prepared and have enough information to answer questions from viewers in real time.

As you can see, if we don’t consider Twitch when developing communication campaigns, we may miss the possibility sharing messages with a huge brand recognition potential since it is a social network that is based on live, long-lasting content and with influencers with great engagement. Even so, and as it is the case with other social networks, Twitch is not suitable for all types of products so prior targeting and crucial. At the moment, it is ideal to promote videogames and other consumer products, such as from the sports and food sector. So, now we should keep a close eye on how this social network evolves to see if lifestyle influencers will manage to find a place in this universe.