An over the top musical experience

20 February 2019, By Angy Morales

For the official launch of Sony’s new 1000XM3 wireless headphones, with industry-leading noise cancelling technology, Canela organized an immersive experience with journalists and influencers so that they could try first-hand experience of the features of this new product.

We invited 10 journalists from top tier IT and lifestyle media such as La Vanguardia, El Periódico or El Economista, altogether with 8 vloggers and influencers keen on music and technology such as Gerard Estadella, Elena Santos and Julen Hernandez, to fly over the cities of Barcelona and Madrid by helicopter. During the ride, they were listening to a new version of the famous “The Ride of the Valkyries” from the film Apocalypse Now via the 1000XM3 headsets. For about 15 minutes they had the opportunity to experience the city from another perspective and discover for themselves the powerful noise cancelling feature of the Sony headphones which completely blocked out the noise of the helicopter.


The journalists and influencers invited posted more than 75 posts and videos about their experience in their social media channels with the hashtag #CancelacionDeRuido. These impacts generated an accumulated audience of more than 10 million views. In addition, about 20 direct articles about Sony’s 1000XM3 headsets where published during a 3-month period after the event, including reviews of the product and Christmas bazaars.