The perfect beat of a brand

27 April 2023, By Sarai Carcedo, Design Manager at Canela
7 essential aspects to consider when creating good branding

Creating an identity for a brand is comparable to composing a song: all visual elements must be carefully combined to reflect the personality and values of the company in a clear and coherent way.

Just as each instrument in a song has an important role that contributes to the overall sound, each element of the visual identity has a key function that contributes to the brand image. But what should we pay attention to exactly? Pay close attention, artists!

CONCEPT: The Composition

The graphic designer is like the composer of the song and therefore must work on the concept of the brand (“who am I?”, “what makes me unique?”, “what is my purpose?”), which is as important as having clear and effective lyrics in a song, and that conveys a key message.

BRANDING: The Main Melody

The logo represents the main melody, being the most recognizable part of the identity and the one that the audience remembers. Secondary graphic elements such as typography and visual extensions (backgrounds, patterns, graphics, iconography, etc.) act as sound effects and can add interest and depth, but should be used wisely and consistently.


The colors of a brand are like the tone of a song: they set the atmosphere and mood. Colors can evoke specific emotions and feelings and can be used to reflect the character of the company, so a careful choice must be made.



The brand tone is like the voice of a singer, which can be soft, strong, sweet or aggressive. The way of communication should be selected in a way which best reflects the image and principles that the company wants to project, and that is attractive and can generate an emotional connection.

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Music Video

Just like a music video after the release of a new song, photography is a powerful tool for storytelling, improving perception among audiences, and differentiating from the competition.

CHANNELS: Versions and remixes

Just like a song can have different arrangements and versions, a visual identity can also have different uses and adaptations for different media and situations. But, just like a song always has its lyrics and main message, these materials must be true to the brand.



A sudden change in the rhythm of a song can confuse the listener, and a lack of consistency in the visual identity of a brand can also confuse and alienate the audience. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain unity and clarity.

In summary, just like a musician in the music industry, brands need to offer something strong, unique, and authentic to stand out in the industry and connect with their audience.


In recent years, we have evolved and, since our rebranding in 2021, we are a more colorful, dynamic and digital agency.

Did you know that our color palette belongs to the flag of Sri Lanka, where cinnamon comes from? Color has become an essential part of our identity, which is always shown in curved and animated forms, because communication is never a straight line and there are currently many new channels in which we specialize.



In turn, we use a typography (both in the logo and in the rest of the materials) that offers balance and rigor to all those fluid curves, and that reflects our professionalism and experience gained over 17 years.

If Canela were a song to me, it would be Get Lucky by Daft Punk (dynamic, cheerful, and electronic), and what song does Canela remind you of?

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Sarai Carcedo is Design Manager at Canela


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