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23 January 2019, By Canela

We want to start 2019 by telling you about a very exciting project: Canela’s forest

In 2019 we are determined to do something to help the environment, reduce our ecological footprint and combat climate change: so we have planted our own forest on the north coast of Barcelona. It is called Canela`s forest and we are making it happen with the help of our team, our clients and our partners.

With this small gesture, we want to contribute to reforestation of the natural environment, reduce pollution, decrease the climate change and leave a better world for the future generations. To learn more about how this project works read on:


A tree for each client and partner

So at the start of 2019 we already have 70 trees planted, one for each of our clients and partners in Spain and Portugal. In order to make our forest grow, we have committed ourselves to continue planting a tree for each new client and team member that we incorporate.

Canela’s forest is located in the Catalan Coastal Range, a mountain range located between Barcelona and Girona. This forest, the green lung for the inhabitants of the area and a refuge for plants and animals, is threatened by the progressive deforestation caused by urban pressure, drought, pests and forest fires.

For this reason we are planting holm oaks. It is a prodigious tree, which is perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate. It needs little water, grows on almost any terrain and it resists forest fires better. It takes longer to develop (up to 20 years), but once it reaches adulthood, in a single day it can absorb the CO2 equivalent of the exhaust of 20 cars. So our holm oaks is will mean a more sustainable forest and breathing a much cleaner and healthier air.


This initiative is being carried out through Tree Nation, a collaborative platform born in Spain that manages more than 100 reforestation projects around the world. Donating a symbolic amount of money, it offers the possibility of planting a tree in any of their projects. The actual plantation is carried out by Arba Sistema Litoral, a non-profit association that works with the aim to recover and clean the Catalan forests. You can take a look of The Canela PR forest clicking here.

“To be transcendental in life, you must have a child, plant a tree and write a book” what have you got left to do? Share this post and tell us in our social networks.

Canela Barcelona planting trees in our forest
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