What subjects spark the most media interest during summer?

11 August 2021, By Alba Calvet, Director of Canela Spain

Summer changes not only our everyday habits, but also the way we consume information. Reading a newspaper, a magazine or a social media post when we are on our way to work is not the same as it is when we are on holiday. Media newsrooms are also a bit quieter than usual, with editors on holiday and less activity in sections such as politics or economics, for example.

Top Comunicación asked us to take part in their feature on the most successful contents in the media during summer months. Without losing sight of current affairs, topics that take over the headlines during the summer are the following:

1. Tips and trends

We can find short, light contents, with an important visual aspect and a more casual tone, ready to be consumed at the click of a button from different devices. As an example, we can highlight reports on what to do during the holidays, the best tips for travelling with little ones or activities to avoid boredom at home. We shouldn’t forget all the articles on trends and fashion to make summer a moment to remember.

2. Information for travelling and mobility issues

During this period it is very common to read information related to getaways, travel destinations or tips on how to move around in the safest way. This is particularly important this year because of everything that has happened in the tourism sector due to the pandemic. Although we shouldn’t take 2020 as a reference in terms of media agenda, it is true that issues such as which places we can travel to and what measures and restrictions we should take into account when visiting them is still very important this summer.


3. Contents related to summer events

Festivals of all kinds and sporting events always occupy a very important place in the media during the summer months. This year, sporting events have become more important, especially in June and July, when the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games were held, after being cancelled in 2020. We can also expect many articles on the celebration of cultural festivals, both talking about the return of artists to the stage and analysing the effects of Covid-19 on this sector and what new cultural entertainment formats have been developed.

4. Back to school and post-vacation blues

As the summer draws to a close, the media agenda starts to focus on two main topics: related to “back to school” and to difficulties and/or advantages of adapting to the routine again. During this period, the media focus on preparing content related to the going back to everyday routine and many companies and brands also take advantage of this context to launch important communication campaigns.

So its all about creating content that can be weaved into ‘lighter’ topics to help us disconnect from the usual year round  routine. 

Do you miss any other topics? You can see the full feature in which we collaborated here.