Metaverse: a new tool for communication?

12 April 2022, By Dianne Vegas, Head at Consumer en Canela

Whether we believe it or not, and whether we like or not to think that a virtual world exists, the metaverse has arrived on the scene as one of the biggest technological trends for 2022. For this reason, it is not surprising that one of the most searched words at the end of last year through Google Trends was “metaverse”. This is hardly surprising if we stop for a minute to think that we are witnessing the great revolution of the Internet and we are very curious to understand the details that lie within this “new” virtual world.

Without realising it, we have been part of the evolution of the metaverse through video games for years. For example, we saw it with The Sims and its social simulation, with Animal Crossing and its invitation to create one’s own world, and with more recent games such as Fortnite, which has given a 360º turn to the experience offered through concerts. In fact, Travis Scott’s concert, which took place in April 2020, broke a record by virtually bringing together more than 12.3 million fans worldwide to enjoy the songs and the great audiovisual show offered by the rapper. Undoubtedly, this was an unprecedented event in a format that we are not yet 100% accustomed to.


Beyond video games, an opportunity for brands

Talking about the metaverse is no longer just about video games, it is now a reality where we can do simple, everyday things such as travel, work, study, meet friends… And it is here where we are seeing new spaces and opportunities to explore in a context that offers infinite possibilities.

We are really facing a new medium for brands, and many have already jumped on the bandwagon, as is the case of Heineken, which last March launched a virtual beer within its “plot” in the metaverse under the premise of being a social meeting point. But this is not the only case, as many companies, such as Nike and Balenciaga, are using this space to carry out innovative actions due to the infinite and unexplored opportunities that exist today, with the metaverse being an ideal showcase for positioning and launching new products and services.

The first correspondent

The media are not escaping this new reality, and we can already see the first newspapers interested in this new world, such as El Economista, which has created the first correspondent of a media outlet in the metaverse with Antonio Lorenzo as the person in charge of reporting from this new space that is advancing by leaps and bounds.

It is curious to think that in this new correspondent’s office there is no need to travel, so information is more immediate from a new terrain that is largely unexplored.

The metaverse is also a new world for communication, advertising and marketing agencies, where some have already taken the big step and offer an immersive experience where events, product launches, conferences, client presentations… are organised with the idea of reinforcing existing messages in the offline world or reaching new audiences through a totally differentiated strategy.

All this said, we can only wait and see how this new medium evolves and if it is lasting over time.