Getting to Know Diogo Marcelo

18 February 2020, By Canela

Getting to Know series

As part of our ongoing Getting to Know series, where we share memories, ideas, experiences and anecdotes about the world of communication, today we’re talking to Diogo Marcelo, Senior Account Executive in Canela Portugal.

The digital world came, saw and conquered

Where were you born? Lisbon

Office: Lisbon

Describe yourself in 3 words: Passionate, Driven and Funny

3 clients you’ve worked with: Cooltra, Tree-Nation & Pipedrive

What are you normally doing at the following times:

¿7:00? Waking up for a new day
¿14:00? Having coffe and discussing the most recent tv show on Netflix, movie on theater or the latest subject in the public opinion space
¿20:00? Having dinner and preparing the next meeting of my scout group

Which city defines you? For now, it’s Lisbon, my birthplace and city of working. But I have a passion for London and a keen interest in Barcelona.

The last book you read: “From a Buick 8”, from Stephen King. It was one of my curiosities to know more about this renowned author.

What would you cook for your guests? Maybe something fast but that tastes well, like codfish à Brás or steak with rice.

Favourite app: WhatsApp, because it opens a whole new way of communication. It can help people from all around the world to be closer, just by using their phone. I think that is groundbreaking.

One Instagram account you like: netflixpt. It’s one of the accounts that best use their tv shows and movies to make fun and interesting posts, showing a creativity like not many pages are able to show.

The celebrity that inspires you most: Leonardo DiCaprio. Besides being a fantastic actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the main voices in the climate change debate, being one of the key actors in making a difference for a better world.

The next trend in communication will be: Digital Transformation. More than a trend, but also a confirmation. The digital world came, seen and conquered and I think that digital transformation can be one of the main differences for a company to succeed or fail in the world today.

Frustrated profession: Astronaut. When I was a little boy, I have dreamed with the stars and space. It’s one of the dreams that many people have but, how I was growing up, I ended up being even more passionate for communication. But, who knows, maybe one day I can open a PR office in the International Space Station.

Your preferred motto: “I have in me all the dreams of the world”. This expression, made popular by the famous Portuguese poet and writer, Fernando Pessoa, it’s one motto that I think that has everything to do with me. I like to dream big, to create new dreams and try to better, each and every day.