Getting to Know Inês Teixeira

1 June 2020, By Canela

Getting to Know series

As part of our ongoing Getting to Know series, where we share ideas, experiences and anecdotes about the world of communication, today we’re talking to Inês Teixeira, Junior Account Executive in Canela Portugal.

“Everything's going to be okay” is the best sentence I can hear

Where were you born? Lisbon

Office: Lisbon

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun, Organized, Communicative

3 clients you’ve worked with: Cooltra, Tree-Nation & My Nametags

What are you normally doing at the following times (in times of pandemic):

8:00? In a deep sleep about to end

14:00? Having lunch with the family, since we are all at home, we take the opportunity to catch up

20:00? Taking a shower after a functional workout or a yoga class

Which city defines you? Lisbon, Lisbon and Lisbon. I’ve been to different continents and I always come to the conclusion that my home, my city, is the best place to be.

What would you cook for your guests? It depends a lot on the guests but I confess that cooking is not my strongest point. Probably anything to put in the oven and an Oreo mouse.

Favourite app: Waze unquestionably. I don’t have any sense of orientation. And I spend a lot of time (too much) between Instagram and Tik tok.

One Instagram account you like: Staythefuckhome, hashtagquarentena and _odadiana, who helped me keeping my sanity in this period of isolation.

The person that inspires you most: My stars will always be my mother, my father and my sister. Nobody inspires me more than the ones who taught me everything I know and everything I am.

The next trend in communication will be: In this health and economic crisis, we have seen (more than ever) brands adapt, change habits and meet what consumers want and need. And, on the other hand, consumers are increasingly more demanding about the content they consume and more informed about the products they buy. More than a trend, creativity and adaptability are a must these days.

Frustrated profession: Marine biologist. And it was my lack of identification with the Science and Technology area that brought me to where I am today. Physical Chemistry and Mathematics were never subjects for me!

Your preferred motto: Right now, and for life, “Everything’s going to be okay” is the best sentence I can hear. It will never have the same meaning again!