Communicating together: a collection of experiences from women working in communications to inspire new generations

8 March 2022, By Canela
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According to ADECEC (Association of Public Relations and Communication Consultancy Firms) data, the average number of women in PR agencies in Spain is 72.8%. However, the percentage of women in leadership roles is 57%. In Portugal, the contrast is even greater, since according to data from the European Communication Monitor 2020, 74.1% of communication departments and agencies have a majority of women, but only 37.5% of them have women as leaders.

Faced with these figures, this International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022, at Canela we decided to reflect on this reality. So we have coordinated the book Communicating Together, with the participation of different women who occupy the immense variety of professions that exist in relation to communication: journalists, agency directors, copywriters, community managers, marketing specialists, account directors… We asked them to share with us a story that would inspire women who are starting out in our sector or those who have been working in this field for years, but who need the strength to continue growing and overcoming challenges and obstacles.



The purpose of Communicating Together, one that would not have been possible without the 36 wonderful women who have participated, is to share knowledge and experience among to help other women grow in their professional careers.

This book has been published in both physical and digital formats and you can download the online version here.

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Let’s keep communicating together!

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