How to be one of the best agencies to work for?

15 July 2020, By Canela

In recent years, Canela has been awarded on various occasions for its works as a public relations agency. Without any doubt, one of the awards that has made us feel most proud as a team has been the appointment of Canela as one of the 5 best agencies to work for across EMEA in the SABRE Awards.

As anyone working in a market as demanding as ours knows, combining growth and profitability with the professional development of each employee and a good work environment is not easy. However, we are convinced that investing in talent is the key to success. That is why we want to share some of the best practice that we have applied in our agency to create a fantastic team who are proud to be part of Canela.


A decentralized structure

Currently, Canela gathers 18 communication consultants spread over three offices: Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. This decentralized structure allows us to be closer to our clients and in turn gives us the opportunity to travel from one office to another, and even to temporarily work in other offices through our internal mobility program. So, although on a daily basis team members are far away, we have constant communication between offices, through videoconferences and coordination calls among different areas.

A diverse and equal team

Aside from geographic diversity, we also have a rich cultural diversity. Different nationalities and generations of professionals coexist in our offices, which allows us to better understand the global market in which we work.

Likewise, we have a clear commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women. According to statistics in the PR sector, women occupy more than 70% of job and 30% of manager positions. In the case of Canela PR, we have 95% of female employees and 100% of female managers.

Attract and retain talent

At Canela PR we have an employee retention rate of 93%, compared to 79% of the Spanish average. To attract and retain top professionals, we offer competitive salaries, good incentives, the opportunity for career development and a respectful work environment. Every year we carry out an employee satisfaction survey and the 2019 results showed that the team feels valued for the contributions they make and identify with Canela’s corporate values.

Professional development and promotion

At Canela we see internship programmes as an opportunity to train the new generation of professionals. 30% of our agency’s current team rose through the internship programme and have gone on to hold senior positions in the agency. We prioritise internal promotions to fill vacancies. For example, in 2019 44% of the team received promotions.

Continuous investment in training

At Canela we believe that it is essential to continuously invest in the training of all our staff. In 2019, we spent 5% of fee income on training with team members attending training in San Francisco, London, and Frankfurt. In addition, the Canela team also participates in local training activities and internal training sessions.

Other incentives

20% of our staff members have a reduced working day to better manage family balance or pursue external interests such as teaching or studying and we also give two extra days of vacation per year.


For all this, at Canela we are convinced that the key to doing a good job is creating a good team and, above all, maintaining it.

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