Canela consolidates its position as an agency with impact in 2023

21 December 2023, By Deborah Gray, Founder and Managing Director

We had a very clear goal for 2023: to continue to position ourselves as a leading communications agency for companies in the regenerative economy. And we made great progress in this direction, as we closed the year with 36% of our clients in this sector, including To Good To Go, B Lab y Norrsken

We also took a further step in our commitment to society and the environment by joining Clean Creatives. Clean Creatives is a movement of communication and advertising professionals who have decided to reject all fossil fuel-related fossil fuels companies. We are the only Iberian communication agency to have joined this initiative and given that we were one of the first agencies in Spain and Portugal to obtain the certification B Corp, we can say that our desire to make a positive impact goes far beyond a simple statement of intent. This desire has naturally been reflected in our work, as demonstrated by the three impactful campaigns, two of them with positive impact, which are summarized below.

«Stop Working for Change» - International Women's Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we launched the “Stop Working for Change” campaign, the aim of which was to draw attention to gender inequalities in the communications sector, where women in management positions remain a minority. To highlight their role in the sector, we decided to make a strong statement closing the three Canela offices (Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon) on March 8. This action was also joined by the About PR agency.

We informed our clients in time, explaining the reasons why we wouldn’t be working that day and creating an “Out of Office” message for the email with more details on the subject. At the same time, we developed a social media campaign and issued a press release explaining the initiative.


As we are aware that real change can’t be achieved in just one day, we also decided to donate 8 hours from each employee at our agency to two associations that promote female empowerment: Coachability in Spain and Inspiring Girls in Portugal. In total, we donated 320 hours over the course of 2023.

The campaign generated a dozen media hits in Spain and Portugal, as well as 7,000 impressions on social media. Thanks to its repercussions, it reached more than 300,000 professionals in the marketing, communications and public relations sectors, and also received strong support and positive feedback from our clients. The campaign was also recently awarded a prize at the Lusophone Creativity Awards.

«No, without my dog», a guide to traveling with pets -

In the “No, without my dog” campaign for, we took on the challenge of launching the brand on the Spanish market and increasing the visibility of its pet care and treatment services. Based on the idea that pets are part of the family, we created a virtual travel guide so that owners can enjoy Spain with their pets.

To implement it, we researched the pet policies of various companies and used artificial intelligence tools to collect up-to-date data. We launched the guide at an event in Madrid, hosted by’s Head of International Revenue Growth and animal behavior expert Nacho Sierra. The event was attended by journalists from the main media and three well-known influencers.


The results speak for themselves: 56 hits in media such as El Español, Fuera de Serie, 20 minutos, Marca, Diez Minutos or Telva, with an audience of 324 million and an advertising value equivalent (AVE) of 174 thousand euros. In addition, we established a strategic partnership with influencer Natalia Maquieira (@pasoapasoblog) to promote the guide on TikTok and Instagram, which resulted in us reaching more than 83,000 users on social media.

This integrated campaign not only generated awareness for the brand, but also provided valuable information for pet owners, consolidating as a reliable source of advice for animal lovers.

Portugal, a pioneer in the fight against space debris - LeoLabs

Space junk is a growing problem that threatens the development of the aerospace sector and confronts us with a sad reality: we are no longer just polluting the planet, but also space. To raise awareness of this phenomenon, we organized a communication campaign on the occasion of the installation of Europe’s first space radar in the Azores, Portugal. The installation was the responsibility of LeoLabs, a company that maps space debris to prevent accidents or warn when it enters the atmosphere.


We knew that this initiative would put Portugal at the center of the astronautics scene and we were determined to make the most of the impact. To do this, we set up an international PR center and managed interviews with LeoLabs’ CEO in the main technology and science media. We also brokered the visit of a famous TV presenter, who visited the radar and interviewed various players in the sector.

This strategy generated more than 30 pieces of coverage, including an appearance on the national prime-time news, reaching a total audience of 11 million. This helped position Portugal and LeoLabs as a reference in the fight against space debris. At the same time, it underlined Canela’s commitment to creating campaigns that not only generate visibility, but also contribute to significant advances for society.

Undoubtedly, 2023 has been a turning point in our transition to a benchmark agency for regenerative economy companies thanks to the work done by all the professionals who make up this team and who share the same values. What is yet to come will be even better.

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Deborah Gray is Fundadora and Managing Director


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