Canela has a new image

2 September 2020, By Canela

We’re delighted to share with you our new brand identity and web page

Canela, like the rest of the world, is in a constant state of evolution, and so with the launch of this new identity we are proud to show that we are now more colourful, more digital and more dynamic than ever. We have simplified our name from Canela PR to (just) Canela. While public relations is still a core part of our business, the range of services that we offer has amplified so our name has evolved to reflect this. From events to Influencer marketing to social networks, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and impactful ways of communicating with target audiences.

Our new logo represents the strength and efficiency of our daily work. The typography has a digital character and the small animations and chromatic changes that accompany it represent the agency’s optimism and adaptability. The new typeface does not have endings in its letters and avoids limits, likewise communication, which reinvents and evolves organically over time.

On a chromatic level, we have decided to return to our origins with a colour palette full of personality. The bold, bright, interchangeable colours are taken from the flag of Sri Lanka, where Canela comes from (Canela is the Spanish word for cinnamon) the cinnamomum zeylanicum.


A new brand identity requires a new website and the new one has greater usability, where you can see our latest work with clients such as the European Commission, Cooltra or Sony (Work), read about the latest trends in the sector (Insights) and meet the people who are part of Canela (Team), among other sections.

At Canela we specialise in B2B, Consumer Technology and Lifestyle areas and offer Digital and Design services to all our clients.

The speed with which digitalisation transforms the communication sector requires agencies, brands and the media to be constantly evolving. This new identity reflects a brighter, bolder and more dynamic agency better equipped than ever to meet the new challenges facing us.

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