5 tools you need for monitoring in social media

26 February 2020, By Tamara García

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” Bill Gates. This sums up perfectly the current situation of many companies and businesses that have taken every opportunity to get visibility through the social media. But is it really enough to have a profile and to publish your content there? Is it necessary to be present in all the social networks? The answer to both questions is simple: no. Being present in the digital community goes beyond having a profile in the latest platform. Being good at social media requires constant attention and daily work. It is necessary to publish engaging content, focused on the target audience and aligned with the business objectives.

Unfortunately, is not always possible to have everything under control. Especially when you are present in several social media profiles, where you are creating content oriented to different audiences.


Something as simple and important as listening to your audience becomes a really complicated task but interrupting the conversation with your users is never an option.

How can you handle it? Monitoring is the answer. Monitoring will help you to know what is happening around you and understanding what your community is expecting and looking for. It will also give you valuable information to create and share content. How is your brand perceived? What does your community expect from you? Who do you reach with that specific hashtag? What is your competition doing?


There are many tools for this purpose. Below here below we take a look at five monitoring tools that will improve your strategy. The one you decide to use will depend on the needs of your brand or company:



If you are looking for a tool that offers social media, web and blog metrics and analytics, Metricool will be the best choice. In addition, in this platform you can schedule your content before publishing it, as well as knowing what is being written in real time on Twitter and Instagram. It is an attractive option to see what is going on in social media and what is in the Top Trending News Topic lists. It also has the possibility of making customised reports which will help you analyse your results and point out which strategies work best.



Hootsuite stands out not only because of its efficient management of digital profiles, its weekly reports and the easy administration, but also because it allows you to monitor in real time terms. What can this be used for? Imagine that you have created a specific hashtag for an event and you want to see who is using it and what is being said about it. Very useful, right?



If Twitter is one of the most important global social networks, Tweetdeck is also an easy content monitoring tool: it allows you to schedule tweets and monitor interactions by the community in a really intuitive way.



Buzzsumo takes into account several important aspects such as the most shared topics, the competition, the influencers and the brand fans to help you create a tailor-made content. It’s a highly recommended option to create remarkable content and generate a greater engagement.



What if the influence of a specific concept or brand could be measured? What if you could know your social media impact in real time? Socialmention makes it possible and it also provides you an analysis of your search.

By entering the search term in this free tool, you can see all the content created by users (comments, photos, videos…) related to the keyword.


Which tool have you already used? What is your favorite one?